Bill Gates ask Khan Academy’s founder Sal Khan, ‘Do you ever get confused with Salman Khan’?

Bill Gates, a co-founder of Microsoft, recently started a podcast called “Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates,” and in one of the episodes, he had an interesting conversation with Sal Khan, the creator of Khan Academy. Sal Khan was asked by Gates if he had ever been mistaken for Bollywood actor Salman Khan in a light hearted question.

Displaying a picture of actor Salman Khan, “Given a web search for Sal Khan might yield this gentleman,” the veteran of Silicon Valley asked, “Do you ever get confused with Salman Khan?” Sal Khan chuckled at that and said, “I do,” before continuing. In addition, he related a funny anecdote, saying, “In the early days of Khan Academy, I received letters from some of his fans professing their affection and surprise that I could do math.”

Sal Khan, the founder of the American non-profit educational organization Khan Academy, made a guest appearance on the second episode of “Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates.” To aid students in their educational endeavors, Khan Academy invented online educational tools.

Khan continued by recalling an incident from 2015, when he visited India and, due to their similar names, found himself appearing live on television with Salman Khan. He emphasized, however, that despite their names being similar, they have nothing to do with Bollywood. Khan, on the other hand, jokingly admitted his love of Bollywood films and that he enjoys them more than one might think. He even managed to convince his wife to join him in his cinematic indulgence.

Gates also expressed his amazement at the capabilities of GPT-3-based AI, particularly ChatGPT, the GPT-3 chatbot variant. Gates praised ChatGPT’s ability to crack an AP Biology exam in August 2022, calling it “the most stunning demo I’ve ever seen in my life.” In his optimistic view of the future, Gates saw AI chatbots like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard helping kids improve their reading and writing abilities. Sal Khan revealed that Khan Academy is creating an experimental chatbot tutor named Khanmigo with that objective in mind.