Chandrayaan 3: Third Lunar exploration mission, Ready to Launch!

With Chandrayaan-3, its third lunar exploration mission, about to launch, ISRO is about to make another historic moment. The Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, India will conduct the launch at 2:35 pm on Friday.

The mission’s success will make India the fourth country to attempt a soft landing on the southern pole of the moon.

One lunar night, roughly 14 days on Earth, will be needed to complete the mission. Chandrayaan-3 will touch down on the moon’s surface on 23rd or 24th of August.

As per scientists, about 16 minutes after liftoff, the propulsion module will separate from the rocket and begin to orbit the earth five to six times in an elliptical cycle, with 170 km at its closest point and 36,500 km at its farthest point as it moves toward the lunar orbit.

The main problem with the most recent Chandrayaan-2 mission was that off-nominal conditions that were initiated in the system. Everything was not nominal. Furthermore, the craft was unable to manage the non-nominal situation for a safe landing.

Chief S. Somnath invited everyone in the country to watch Chandrayaan-3 launch live. To enable citizens to watch the Chandrayaan-3 live launch event, ISRO opened a registration window on While this window is currently closed, one can still view history being made by visiting the ISRO website and YouTube channel.