G20 Summit 2023: All Delhi offices, banks, and schools will be closed from September 8 to September 10

G20 Summit 2023: Delhi government has decided to close all schools, offices, and NDMC market areas from September 8 to September 10 for G-20 Summit. The Delhi Police had asked the Delhi Chief Secretary to order that business establishments in “controlled zones” remain closed and to declare these three days a public holiday in honor of the G-20 Summit in New Delhi.

September 10 is the only Friday that schools will be closed, as September 7 is a gazetted holiday and September 9 is the second Saturday. On these dates, all government buildings, including MCD offices, will be closed, as well as all schools.

During this time, all private offices and institutions will also be closed. Financial institutions and banks under the Delhi Police’s New Delhi district will not be reopening. The administration has already marked the New Delhi district of Delhi Police, where shops and commercial establishments will also remain closed.

The choice is made with consideration for the VIP’s movements and itinerary. The primary worry is that these limitations shouldn’t cause ordinary people undue hardship when it comes to commuting.

In letter to the chief secretary last week, Delhi Police Special Police Commissioner Madhup Tiwari recommended that, in light of the G20 Summit, the government declare September 8–10 a public holiday and issue orders for the closure of businesses, primarily in the New Delhi region.

There will be increased security at a number of places, such as Khan Market, Dilli Haat, Chandni Chowk, Connaught Place, and Malcha Marg Market. But as of yet, no formal warning has been issued. Commencing on August 16, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has initiated measures to clean up 26 major city roadways. The Delhi Police will shortly issue traffic advisories for the G20 summit.

G-20 participants may arrive early for a program at Pragati Maidan, which will include a cultural event, before the main event. The spouses of the leaders are scheduled to visit Pusa Road and the National Gallery for Modern Art. The idea of guided tours to explore other city attractions is also being considered by officials. Nineteen international organization leaders, representatives from the European Union, invited guest countries, and 29 heads of state are expected to attend the main event, which is set for September 9–10. There are several hotels in the Delhi-NCR area that are set aside to host guests.

US President Joe Biden, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and other world leaders will be in India for the G20 Summit. Biden will be in India for the summit from September 7 to 10, according to a Tuesday statement from White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan. While in India, Biden planned to have several bilateral meetings, but he did not specify which ones.