Mahesh Bhatt trolled for comparing his daughter Alia Bhatt’s journey with Actress Kangana Ranaut

Mahesh Bhatt, a director of Bollywood movies, is receiving vicious trolling online after he compared his daughter Alia Bhatt’s journey to Kangana Ranaut’s. This occurred when a journalist questioned him about his opinion of “Nepotism” during an interview.

On social media, the term “nepotism” has frequently sparked controversy, and the discussion surrounding it never ends. “There is no denying, Kangana was right in a way that the film industry is inward looking,” says Bhatt in response to a question about his daughter’s journey.

He continues, “It is untrue to say that every achiever’s narrative has become simple because it is born into a family of a filmmaker.”
He continued by describing Alia’s journey. According to him, Alia’s journey from Juhu to the box office was just as challenging as Kangana’s. Social media users were divided over the statement, and many objected to the comparison he made. Additionally, Vidya Balan weighs in on the subject.

“This just makes perfect sense. Particularly given that Kangana’s flight from Shimla must have been very comfortable, a Reddit user made fun of Mahesh Bhatt’s remark. “You see sometimes I dont see anything wrong with Kangana coming for these delusional people,” another person wrote. what universe? Alia was given a career, and she is average in every area. Kangana’s talent allowed her to succeed. People would be shocked to learn that Gangster was her first film after watching it. Because of her talent, Kangana’s debut film is superior to most actresses’ best efforts.

Another User wrote, “This is completely unfair. Kangana has had too many hard and unpleasant experiences in her life and career that have made her what she has become now. She is a million times more talented than Alia. Alia, on the other hand, has had a relatively very easy journey.”