Pakistan’s Seema Haider, questioned by ATS

Pakistan’s Seema Haider, who was released on bail, was first arrested by UP police for allegedly illegally entering India through the Nepal border.


Seema illegally entered India via Nepal with her four children last month after falling in love with Sachin Meena through the game app PUBG during a lockdown.

Seema was arrested by the UP Police for illegally entering India without a visa via Nepal. She was later released on bail. Seema converted to Hinduism, married Sachin, and moved into his Greater Noida house. However, as per reports, they both have been missing for 24 hours.


On Monday, the Anti-Terrorist Squad of Uttar Pradesh initiated an investigation into the incident. Team will investigate the route she took on her way to India.

As per senior police officer, ” The UP ATS is questioning Seema Haider and Sachin Meena. They, however, have not been arrested.


Police also shows concern about potential attacks on Seema after she mentioned converting from Islam to Hinduism to be with Sachin and warned that a miscreant disguised as a member of the crowd could carry out a fatal attack on Seema.

Also, according to a senior UP police officer, Seema is a Pakistani citizen, and there have been several rumours about her, one of which is that she is a Pakistani spy. According to the officer, there are many factors involved in her illegal entry into India, so her investigation is quite necessary for security reasons.