Who is the ‘farzi couple’ in Kangana Ranaut’s shocking Instagram Stories? Is that Alia and Ranbir?

Kangana Ranaut has written a cryptic note in which she criticizes a ‘farzi’ Bollywood couple for allegedly spreading false information about her.

Kangana Ranaut is known for her blunt opinions and views on current events in the country, and She frequently makes surprising accusations against purported members of the Bollywood “mafia.”

She has now made a subtle dig at Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in her most recent Instagram story without mentioning them by name.

Actress Kangana attacked a “farzi (fake) couple spreading false information about movie announcements”. She also stated that on a recent family vacation, the husband texted Kangana ‘begging and pleading’ for her to see him while the wife and their infant were snubbed. Ranbir recently travelled to London to celebrate Neetu Kapoor’s birthday with her family, while Alia Bhatt and Raha remained in India, so she appeared to take a dig at Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor.


Without using names of Ranbir and Alia, Kangana wrote,” In another news a farzi husband wife Jodi who live on separate floors and pretend to be a couple are spreading fake news about movie announcements which aren’t being made also calling a brand owned by myntra their own …besides no one wrote about how wife and daughter was snubbed from a recent family trip, while so called husband was texting me begging and pleading to meet him … This farzi jodi needs to be exposed….”


In another post she wrote, “This is what happens when you marry for movie promotions, money, or work and not for love. This actor, who married under the pressure of a mafia daddy, was promised a movie trilogy in return for marrying Papa Ki Pari. The movie trilogy has been canned, and now he is desperately trying to break free from the fake marriage. But sadly, there are no takers for him now. He must focus on his wife and daughter. This is India, ek baar shaadi ho gayi toh ho gayi… aab Sudhar jao.”